How can I improve my focus and how can I perform deep work for long time?


To improve focus and perform deep work for extended periods, of the suggests a multi-faceted approach involving optimizing your sleep, engaging in focused work sessions, and incorporating deliberate periods of rest and defocusing. Here's a summary of key strategies based on the insights provided by Dr. Huberman:

  1. Ultradian Cycles: Recognize that if you're good at focusing, you’ll need deliberate decompression. Aim for two or maybe three deep work sessions per day, with each session lasting for about 90 minutes, followed by rest and less focused work 1.

  2. Deliberate Defocus: After a bout of intense focus, take at least 10 minutes, ideally up to 30 minutes, to engage in menial tasks that don't require much concentration. This helps recharge the brain's metabolic energy and prepares you for another bout of focus 2.

  3. Physical Movement: Incorporate body movement such as walking, as it can help with focused ideating. Practice bringing your attention back to the central problem you're working on while moving 3.

    Deep Work Paradox

    Andrew discusses the paradox of deep work concentration, where the more you can concentrate, the fewer deep work concentration bouts you can perform each day. He recommends doing one 90-minute bout of focused concentrated work per day, and increasing it after four weeks if you're able to stay concentrated and work through the agitation.

    Huberman Lab

    Focus Toolkit: Tools to Improve Your Focus & Concentration | Huberman Lab Podcast #88
  4. Hypnosis for Focus: Use tools like the Reveri app to access hypnosis protocols that can help improve focus and concentration through a combination of relaxation and focused attention 4.

  5. Rethink Flow: Understand that while flow is attractive, deep work (focusing without distraction) is crucial for learning and productivity. It is important to quiet neural circuitry for optimal concentration and faster learning 5.

  6. Long Term Goals: Focus on the long-term productivity games instead of being overly concerned about daily outputs 6.

  7. Warm Up for Focus: Don't expect to immediately drop into focus. Understand that focus is dynamic and builds up over time. Start with easier tasks and ramp up to more intense focus 7.

  8. Supplements: Use Alpha-GPC to transiently increase acetylcholine, boosting your ability to concentrate, but be aware of its potential long-term effects and mitigate by taking garlic capsules 8.

Following these strategies can help you build a regimen that allows for sustained deep work with optimal focus and productivity over time.