What is non-sleep deep rest? (NSDR)


Non-sleep deep rest (NSDR) is a term coined by as an umbrella term to encompass various protocols designed to support better brain and body function through a directed shift into a state of deeper relaxation. These protocols include practices such as meditation, yoga nidra, and hypnosis. NSDR is particularly noted for its effectiveness in accelerating plasticity and learning within the brain. emphasizes hypnosis as a tool within the NSDR protocols that can be directed toward specific goals and outcomes, setting it apart from other forms of relaxation, such as naps or meditation, in its ability to foster heightened focus and deep relaxation concurrently 1.

NSDR has been shown to increase learning rates when practiced in 20-minute bouts following approximately 90 minutes of learning. Utilizing NSDR may involve body scan and breathing techniques that prime the brain and body for restorative processes, enhancing cognitive and physical performance 2. It has also been linked to neurotransmitter restoration, such as dopamine, which is involved in motivation and control 3.

Non-Sleep Deep Rest

Andrew discusses the benefits of non-sleep deep rest (NSDR) and how it can improve brain and body function. He explains that NSDR protocols involve deliberate and directed shifts towards deeper relaxation, such as meditation, yoga nidra, and hypnosis. Andrew highlights hypnosis as a unique NSDR tool that can be directed towards specific goals and outcomes, promoting not just deep relaxation but also accelerating plasticity and learning within the brain.

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has also provided a zero-cost NSDR script, which is available on YouTube, to facilitate access to the benefits of NSDR for recovering sleep, reducing anxiety, and improving self-regulation 3. NSDR practices do not require any special equipment or supplements, making them accessible and practical for a wide audience seeking to improve their wellness and mental health 4.