The , hosted by Dr. Andrew Huberman, has discussed ADHD. To provide you with specifics on what has been said about ADHD on the podcast, I will need to search for relevant episodes or clips that pertain to this topic. Please wait a moment while I perform this search.


List episodes discussing ADHD on the Huberman Lab podcast.

Here is a list of episodes from the podcast that discuss ADHD:

  1. ] - Focus improvement techniques discussed alongside understanding ADHD.
  2. ] - A deep dive into ADHD medications like Adderall and their effects.
  3. ] - Although not exclusively about ADHD, this episode discusses boosting attention and memory, which can be relevant to those with ADHD.
  4. ] - Explores dopamine's role, which is a neurotransmitter involved in the pathology of ADHD.
  5. ] - Discusses dopamine management for motivation and focus which relates to ADHD symptoms.
  6. ] - Focuses on mental training and visualization that may be beneficial for learning in individuals with ADHD.

These episodes provide valuable insights into ADHD, including its underlying mechanisms, treatments, and strategies to improve associated symptoms.