I usually sleep about 6 hours and feel not always well rested. Do I need to supplement melatonin to improve my sleep?


When considering using melatonin to improve sleep, it's important to note that melatonin may not be as beneficial for sleep as commonly perceived. explains that while melatonin is known to induce sleepiness, it doesn't keep you asleep through the night. Many people experience falling asleep quickly after taking melatonin but then wake up and struggle to fall back asleep 1. Furthermore, supplements often contain far more melatonin than the body produces naturally, which could impact other hormonal systems 1. For this reason, advises caution with melatonin supplementation 2.

Additionally, studies suggest that melatonin supplementation in healthy adults doesn't provide a significant increase in the total amount of sleep. The evidence from a meta-analysis reported an average increase of only 3.9 minutes in total sleep and a 2.2% increase in sleep efficiency 3. Therefore, the value of melatonin supplements for improving sleep quality may not justify their use 3.

Melatonin Supplement Caution

Andrew discusses his stance on melatonin supplementation, highlighting its limited use for occasional jet lag relief. He warns against the inconsistency of dosages in supplements and the potential impact on reproductive hormone axes.

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If you're considering a melatonin supplement to improve your sleep, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional, especially given the potential hormonal impacts and inconsistent dosing of supplements 1. There is also mention of melatonin being more beneficial for older adults who may suffer from insomnia due to changes in melatonin production as they age 4. However, for individuals who are not elderly, alternatives to melatonin might be more advisable for improving sleep, like proper light exposure, a cooler sleeping environment, and other lifestyle adjustments 5.