What should I do in terms of breathing protocol after a workout to enhance hypertrophy?


After your workout, a useful breathing protocol focused on enhancing recovery, which can indirectly support hypertrophy (muscle growth), involves down regulation strategies to calm the nervous system. Here are the key points shared by and :

  1. Post-Workout Breathing Strategy: Implementing a down regulation strategy after your workout, involving controlled breathing techniques, can aid in quicker recovery and possibly impact muscle growth positively. This strategy includes controlling your breath and light to help you calm down 1.

  2. Double Exhale Length: Aim for exhaling for double the length of time as your inhale. For instance, if you inhale for four seconds, try to exhale for eight seconds. You can also utilize box breathing (equal parts inhale, hold, exhale, hold) or triangle breathing patterns 1.

  3. Five-Minute Down Regulation: Introducing a simple five-minute period after your workout where you emphasize exhale-based breathing can make a significant difference for recovery. This tactic has been personally adopted by with noticeable improvements 1.

  4. Positioning and Additional Factors: It can be beneficial to lie on your back, potentially cover your eyes to block light, and even consider including music to enhance the down regulation and relaxation effect 1.

Please, always consult a healthcare or fitness professional before implementing new recovery or breathing protocols, to ensure they align with your health status and fitness goals.

Breathing Strategies

Andy and Andrew discuss the importance of breathing strategies post-exercise for recovery and neuroplasticity. They recommend a down regulation strategy involving breath control and light control. Andy suggests a double exhale length relative to inhale, and Andrew shares his personal experience with implementing this strategy for quicker recovery and sustained energy levels.

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