What dose of mushrooms should I take?


Andrew Huberman discussed effective and safe dosages of psilocybin, which include microdosing with 1-3 milligrams and larger doses ranging from 10-30 milligrams. This information reflects both on the natural content in magic mushrooms and synthetic psilocybin used in clinical settings.1

Andrew also highlighted the importance of dosage consistency and the variability in psilocybin concentration due to different strains of mushrooms and batch preparations. He touched upon the concept of so-called "heroic doses" but emphasized the importance of careful consideration of sourcing and dosage consistency.2

In another discussion, Andrew along with Robin Carhart-Harris, delved into the dosages used in clinical trials involving psilocybin and the confusion between microdosing versus macrodosing. Robin Carhart-Harris explained the definition of a microdose and the average amount of psilocybin found in a gram of magic mushrooms.3

Psilocybin Dosing

Andrew Huberman discusses the effective and safe dosages of psilocybin, including microdosing with 1-3 milligrams and larger doses of 10-30 milligrams. He also explains the concentration of psilocybin in magic mushrooms and the use of synthetic psilocybin in clinical studies.

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It's important to note that the context of these discussions is likely within a scientific or therapeutic realm. If you consider using psilocybin, please be aware that it is a controlled substance in many areas and should be used responsibly under professional guidance, considering legal implications. The advice provided by Huberman Lab is for informational purposes and should not be taken as guidance for personal use.