what cereal does andrew like?


mentions enjoying Magic Spoon, a zero sugar, grain-free, keto-friendly cereal. He likes the frosted flavor because, in his opinion, it tastes like donuts, and he's particularly fond of donuts. He finds Magic Spoon to be a good snack that fits into his diet, which includes low carbohydrate intake during the daytime to maintain alertness and consuming carbohydrates at night to facilitate sleep (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Internet Security and Keto Cereal

Andrew discusses the importance of internet security and how Exprsvpn can help protect your data. He also talks about his keto diet and how Magic Spoon cereal is a delicious and compatible snack option. Listeners can get a discount on both products by using the code "Huberman" at checkout.

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The Science of Emotions & Relationships | Huberman Lab Podcast #13