I have a cold. What should I do?


I hope you feel better soon! Here are some tips based on what has discussed regarding what you can do when you have a cold:

  1. Understanding Cold: No cure exists for the common cold due to the multiple types of viruses that can cause it.
  2. Vitamin C: Taking 6-8 grams (which is a very high dose) of vitamin C may possibly delay the onset or shorten the duration of a cold. However, this is not robustly supported by science and may cause gastric distress.
  3. Myths: There are myths around treating colds and flus that have no scientific support, so it's important to be discerning.
  4. Immune System: Having a mechanistic understanding of your immune system can help determine which behavioral tools might bolster your immune defense.

Keep in mind that while some methods are commonly believed to help with colds, such as echinacea or zinc, it's crucial to look for peer-reviewed scientific support for any remedies you consider.

Please consult a healthcare provider for any medical advice.

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