Why is morning sunlight important?


Morning sunlight is crucial for several reasons. According to , exposure to early-day sunlight activates neurons that signal it's daytime, promoting alertness and initiating a host of biological processes throughout the body, including the liver, gut, heart, and brain. This natural exposure induces a healthy increase in cortisol from the amygdala, a hormone that supports wakefulness and strengthens the immune system when in appropriate daily amounts. Morning sunlight also helps to suppress any leftover melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, enhancing wakefulness and setting up the brain and body for proper metabolism. Additionally, by doing so, a timer is set for the ability to fall asleep around 16 hours later, contributing to healthy sleep patterns 1 2.

Furthermore, getting morning sunlight can make you more energized and assists in adjusting sleep patterns, even if you cannot expose yourself to natural sunlight every day, you can make up for it the following day by extending the duration of sunlight exposure. Light intensity and duration are essential for setting daily rhythms, especially for the circadian system 3.

Morning Sunlight

Andrew explains the importance of getting morning sunlight to set your circadian rhythms and promote wakefulness. He emphasizes that the short pulse of cortisol that comes with morning sunlight is healthy and promotes a healthy immune system. He also gives tips on how to safely get sunlight exposure and mentions that this protocol applies to animals as well.

Huberman Lab

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Moreover, the morning sunlight benefits are numerous and include:

  • Providing the most powerful stimulus for wakefulness throughout the day 4.
  • Promoting a healthy circadian rhythm, helping to prepare the body for sleep later 5.
  • Improving metabolism, potentially through better sleep at night 6.
  • Bolstering mood and mental health 7.

Hence, consistent morning sunlight exposure is recommended by as a foundational practice for optimal physical and mental health 4 6 7.