dopamine wave pool


The "dopamine wave pool" is an analogy used to describe the natural fluctuations of dopamine levels and how they affect motivation. This analogy illustrates that just as waves in a wave pool rise and fall, dopamine levels similarly experience peaks and troughs. High peaks, such as those caused by substances like cocaine or amphetamines, lead to significant troughs, reducing the overall 'water' (dopamine) in the pool, resulting in a depleted state afterwards.

The concept was discussed in detail on the , particularly in the context of how high intensity experiences (like certain sexual experiences or high adrenaline activities) can lead to a significant depletion of dopamine, which is followed by a period of low motivation or depression. This fluctuation is crucial for understanding how to manage activities and substances that affect dopamine levels to avoid deep troughs that lead to negative outcomes such as depressive episodes or low libido 1.

Dopamine Wave Pool

Kyle Gillett describes the dopamine wave pool and how the natural variation of ups and downs in dopamine affects motivation. They discuss how intense sexual experiences, pornography, and high adrenaline activities can lead to a depletion of dopamine and depressive episodes.

Huberman Lab

Dr. Kyle Gillett: Tools for Hormone Optimization in Males | Huberman Lab Podcast 102