Does cold shower help lose weight?


Yes, cold showers can contribute to weight loss, particularly through increased metabolism and changes in body composition. discusses the benefits of deliberate cold exposure, such as immersion in cold water and cold showers. He references a study where brief sessions of cold exposure substantially decreased abdominal fat. Additionally, these sessions improved regulation of anxiety and increased metabolism through the activation of brown fat, which helps your body adapt and feel more comfortable at lower temperatures 1 2. This cold exposure stimulates increased production of brown fat and boosts metabolism, making it beneficial for weight management 3 4.

Cold Exposure and Weight Loss

Andrew discusses a new study that explores the effects of deliberate cold exposure on weight loss. The study found that brief sessions of immersion in cold water or cold showers led to substantial fat loss, especially around the abdomen. The study involved both males and females, unlike previous studies that only looked at males.

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