What does Huberman say about AirPods


Dr. Andrew Huberman has discussed topics and concerns related to earbuds, including AirPods, on the Huberman Lab podcast. Some key points he has covered are:

  • He personally stopped using Bluetooth earbuds because he experienced lymph swellings behind his ears and felt heat effects, which made him concerned about potential health risks 1.
  • He interviewed a neurosurgeon about the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from earbuds, who wasn't concerned about them, but Dr. Huberman chose to switch to wired headphones to minimize any potential risks 1.
  • Dr. Huberman also mentioned heat generation associated with earbuds use, and while discussing this topic with a neurosurgeon, it was suggested that the body's natural cooling system should be sufficient to manage any localized heat from such devices 2.

Please note these citations reflect Dr. Huberman's personal decisions and the information that was provided by the experts he consulted or interviewed on his podcast. Always consult with a healthcare professional for advice regarding personal health concerns.

Wireless Headphones, Health Concerns

Andrew and Rick discuss the potential health concerns associated with wireless headphones, including lymph swellings and heat effects. They share their personal experiences and explore different options, such as using headphones with wires or air tubes.

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