What does dr huberman say about taking magnesium


has discussed magnesium supplementation extensively. Key points include:

  1. Forms and Benefits:

    • Magnesium Threonate and Bisglycinate are often recommended for sleep improvement due to their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and influence the GABA pathway, making it easier to fall asleep and potentially improving sleep depth 1.
    • Magnesium Malate does not promote sleep but can aid in muscle recovery and reduce soreness 2.
  2. General Use:

    • Magnesium is critical for numerous body functions, including ATP production, DNA repair, and vitamin D metabolism 3.

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    • A significant portion of the population doesn't get enough magnesium from diet alone, which can silently damage health over time 3.
  3. Dosage and Tolerance:

    • personally takes 300-400 mg of Magnesium Threonate about 30-60 minutes before sleep 1.
    • Some individuals may experience gastrointestinal distress, such as diarrhea, when taking certain forms of magnesium, like Threonate or Citrate 4.
  4. Additional Advice:

    • He emphasizes the importance of lifestyle factors, such as proper light exposure and nutrition, before considering supplements 1.

Overall, magnesium can be a beneficial supplement for sleep and overall health, but it's crucial to choose the right form and dosage tailored to individual needs and consult with a healthcare provider.