When is the best moment to take protein when want to build muscle?


The best time to take protein for building muscle is early in the day. Studies have shown that consuming protein earlier leads to more effective muscle hypertrophy compared to consuming it later. This is connected to the body's circadian rhythm and the enhanced ability to use amino acids for muscle growth in the morning. Therefore, aiming to ingest protein earlier in the day could be a beneficial strategy for muscle maintenance and growth 1 2 3.

Protein Timing

Andrew discusses a study that shows ingesting protein early in the day can lead to more muscle hypertrophy than ingesting it later in the day. This information is important for those interested in maintaining or building muscle, as loss of skeletal muscle is a major cause of injury and cognitive/metabolic deficits as we age.

Huberman Lab

Healthy Eating & Eating Disorders - Anorexia, Bulimia, Binging | Huberman Lab Podcast #36

It's also noted that while consuming protein later is not harmful, the early day intake seems to have a more potent effect on muscle synthesis due to the expression of the BMAL gene, which is more active in the morning 4 5.