Best protocols for reducing anxiety


To manage anxiety, suggests several techniques:

  1. Social Connection: Engaging in social connections can be a powerful way to mitigate long-term stress 1.
  2. Writing Protocol: Writing about stressful or traumatic events using a specific protocol can have long-lasting positive effects on mental and physical health. It involves writing about a stressful event for 15-30 minutes on either consecutive days or spread out across weeks 2.
  3. Quality Nutrition and Sleep: Ensuring quality nutrition and regular sleep supports the autonomic nervous system, helping to regulate fear circuitry, clear thinking, and trauma relief 3.

    Social Connection and Stress

    Andrew Huberman discusses the surprising tools that can help reduce long-term stress, with social connection being a key factor. Contrary to popular belief, certain types of social connection can mitigate stress more effectively than exercise or real-time stress-reducing tools.

    Huberman Lab

    Tools for Managing Stress & Anxiety | Huberman Lab Podcast #10
  4. Breathing Techniques: Simple breathing practices, like the double-inhale followed by a long exhale, known as "physiological sighs," can quickly reduce stress and anxiety 4.

These methods can serve as foundational elements to build a more comprehensive approach for reducing anxiety.