What are the benefits of cold exposure?


Cold exposure is known for providing several health benefits:

  1. Increases metabolism and brown fat stores, which help with thermogenesis and staying warm in cold environments 1.
  2. Results in long-lasting increases in dopamine levels, which can enhance mood and alertness 1 2.
  3. Can assist with addiction recovery by providing a healthier form of dopamine release 2.
  4. Increases catecholamines like dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, leading to mood and focus enhancement throughout the day 3.

    Benefits of Cold Exposure

    Andrew discusses the numerous benefits of cold exposure, including increases in metabolism, brown fat stores, and dopamine levels. He also explains how dopamine affects our perception of time and offers tips for managing discomfort during cold exposure.

    Huberman Lab

    Time Perception & Entrainment by Dopamine, Serotonin & Hormones | Huberman Lab Podcast #46
  5. Builds mental resilience, as cold can be a controlled stressor useful for mental toughness 4.
  6. Promotes conversion of white fat to thermogenic beige or brown fat, which increases core metabolism 5.
  7. Reduces inflammation both post-exercise and generally 5.
  8. Regulates cortisol and hormone production, with indirect positive effects on fertility in both males and females 6.
  9. Creates a form of eustress (positive stress), as it doesn't significantly raise cortisol while increasing beneficial catecholamines 7.

It's advised to approach cold exposure safely and progressively, and to consider individual tolerance levels 1 6.