Are vaping and smoking equally bad?


Vaping and smoking both have serious negative health consequences. has highlighted the detrimental impact on endothelial cells, which compose the capillaries and blood vessels of the brain and body. Both habits are associated with decreased cognitive capacity, increased stroke risk, impaired lung function, and various other issues such as peripheral neuropathies and sexual dysfunction due to reduced blood flow 1.

Although there was once a belief that vaping might be a healthier alternative to smoking, it's been shown that vaping too has a multitude of negative health effects, some of which are distinct from the effects of smoking. In particular, the rapid increase in blood nicotine levels due to vaping can be more habit-forming and addictive than cigarette smoking, with a troubling rise in vaping among young people 2.

When it comes to oral health, both smoking and vaping dry out the mouth, increasing the acidity of saliva, which is harmful. While vaping might be slightly less detrimental than smoking in some respects, it is still bad for oral health and has other negative effects that offset any potential benefits of reducing smoking 3.

Negative Health Effects

Andrew discusses the negative health effects of smoking and vaping, regardless of whether it's tobacco or cannabis. Smoking and vaping have severe negative health consequences on the lungs and endothelial cells, which can lead to decreased cognitive capacity, strokes, and sexual dysfunction.

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The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain & Body | Huberman Lab Podcast #92

To sum up, while smoking and vaping do have their differences, they both present serious health risks, and neither should be considered a safe option. It is recommended that people avoid both smoking and vaping to protect their health.