Can diet impact sleep quality?


Diet can significantly impact sleep quality as highlighted by on the . For example:

  • Good sleep, which helps regulate the autonomic nervous system, is crucial for the functioning of brain systems related to fear, cognition, and trauma recovery. Consistent and sufficient sleep, along with proper nutrition, improve mental and physical health 1.
  • Sleep deprivation or poor sleep can lead to a disruption in particular metabolic pathways, and a good night's sleep helps balance sugar metabolism and regulates appetites associated with specific forms of metabolism 2.
  • Diet can affect sleep, and sleep can affect diet, with evidence showing how nutritional choices and patterns influence sleep states, which in return affect nutritional behaviors like appetite and food choice 3.

    Overcoming Fear

    Andrew discusses the foundational elements of quality nutrition and sleep on a regular basis to support mental and physical health. Good sleep helps regulate the autonomic nervous system and resets the balance of circuits related to fear and cognition. Eating well and social connection are also important indirect supports for trauma relief and overcoming fear.

    Huberman Lab

    Erasing Fears & Traumas Based on the Modern Neuroscience of Fear | Huberman Lab Podcast #49
  • Sleep quality, which is a strong predictor of all-cause mortality, may be impacted by sleep duration that is too long due to compensating for poor sleep quality. This implies that both quantity and quality of sleep, influenced by diet and other lifestyle factors, are crucial for health 4.

Overall, integrating healthy dietary habits with optimal sleep routines is essential for maintaining balance in one's overall well-being.