Could you please list the best protocols to improve neuroplasticity and learn motor skills very quickly for a 24 year old man.


To improve neuroplasticity and rapidly learn motor skills, the provides several key strategies:

  1. Good Sleep: Adequate and high-quality sleep is essential following learning a new skill for effective neuroplasticity 1.

  2. Focused Attention: Concomitant increases in acetylcholine and focused attention during skill learning can reorganize the neocortex for better skill acquisition 2.

  3. Neuroplasticity Access: Utilize specific behaviors and states of mind to access plasticity. This can include learning, memory enhancement, or even unlearning certain emotional experiences 3.

    Neural Plasticity

    Andrew discusses the importance of sleep in learning and the different forms of neural plasticity, including long-term depression, which can be beneficial for learning motor skills. He uses the example of infants learning to eat with a spoon to illustrate how too many connections between neurons can hinder coordinated movements.

    Huberman Lab

    Science-Based Mental Training & Visualization for Improved Learning | Huberman Lab Podcast
  4. Quality Learning Resources: Access to curated information, like the Logitech Rethink Education Event, can provide tools for enhanced learning of various skills 4.

  5. Optimal Alertness for Learning: Learning during periods when you are most alert can be advantageous. Consider your natural alertness cycles throughout the day 5.

  6. Strategic Learning Sessions: Allow for intense focus, then periods of rest, ideally deep sleep, to accelerate neuroplasticity. Learning in 90-minute segments within an ultradian cycle is recommended 6.

  7. Quality-Driven Skill Practice: Skill acquisition should focus on quality and accurate movement rather than volume. It's important to stop once fatigue affects movement accuracy, as per Dr. Gabriel Wulf's principles 7.

  8. Incorporate Play: Engage in play to access a state conducive for neuroplasticity. Play teaches rules and flexibility that are foundational for future learning 8.

Adhering to these protocols and integrating them into your daily routine can facilitate faster motor skill learning and ongoing cognitive development.