Effects of sauna on immune function


Sauna use has been associated with improvements in the function of the innate immune system, which can help in combating common colds and flus. A study mentioned by observed an increase in leukocyte count after sauna sessions, particularly in trained athletes, indicating a boost in the immune response related to the sauna's heat exposure. He also pointed out that the initial discomfort from the heat stress could lead to various health benefits, including an improved immune response 1 2.

Furthermore, discussed how even a single 15-minute sauna session could increase white blood cell profiles and adjust cortisol levels in beneficial ways to combat infection. He stressed the importance of considering the stage of infection, advising against hot sauna if one is already running a fever due to the risk of dangerously high body temperatures 3.

Boosting Immunity with Sauna

Deliberate heat exposure, specifically through sauna sessions, can improve the function of our innate immune system and help combat common colds and flus. Andrew discusses a recent study that explores the effects of sauna on the immune system response and heat shock protein levels in trained and untrained men.

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How to Prevent & Treat Colds & Flu

Additional discussions covered the idea that safe hyperthermia from sauna sessions can lead to significant increases in the release of growth hormone, an important aspect of health and recovery. Caution and safety were emphasized when utilizing saunas or any means of hyperthermia 4.

Lastly, regular sauna use has been associated not only with improved immune function but also with a reduced risk of cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality. cited studies that show a decrease in the likelihood of dying from a cardiovascular event for those who use the sauna two to seven times per week 5.