Is mTOR signaling bad?


MTOR signaling is not inherently bad, as it plays an essential role in cell growth. Dr. discussed on the that although some people may avoid stimulating MTOR due to concerns about longevity, there is little human outcome data to support the claim that protein intake and MTOR stimulation lead to early death. It's also mentioned that all macronutrients can be construed negatively if taken in isolation, as each can elicit a response that could be speculated to be detrimental to longevity. Additionally, highlighted that when we're in a fed state, we bias our system towards cell growth involving MTOR signaling, while fasting increases cellular repair and clearance pathways, indicating that both cell growth and repair are valuable processes activated by our dietary choices 1 2.

In summary, MTOR signaling is part of the balance between cellular growth and repair and is not inherently bad, but it needs to be properly modulated with respect to dietary intake and overall health goals.

Cellular Growth vs Repair

Andrew explains how being in a fed or fasted state can either promote cellular growth or repair and clearance. This is due to the two different pathways of cell growth and cell breakdown and repair associated with AMPK and MTOR/PSX.

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