The podcast, hosted by Dr. Andrew Huberman, frequently covers topics related to sleep. This podcast delves into how sleep affects mental and physical health, neuroscience, and ways to optimize health and performance. If you have a specific question or topic about sleep that you're interested in, please let me know, and I can find related episodes or advice from Dr. Huberman.


List episodes about sleep from the Huberman Lab podcast.

Here is a list of episodes from the that focus on various aspects of sleep:

  1. ] - Dr. Huberman discusses tools to optimize sleep and sleep-wake timing, including the effects of light and food, and the recommended use of certain supplements.
  2. ] - An interview with Dr. Matthew Walker on the science behind sleep and practical advice for achieving quality sleep.
  3. ] - This episode covers the science behind sleep and how to master it in order to be more alert during waking hours, with a focus on the role of light, timing, and biology.
  4. ] - Dr. Gina Poe talks about how sleep can be used to enhance learning, memory and emotional state.
  5. ] - Another session with Dr. Matthew Walker, exploring the biology of sleep and how it varies for each individual.
  6. ] - An overview of how to use scientific principles to optimize sleep, learning, and metabolism.

These episodes cover a range of informational content including the physiological processes behind sleep, optimizing sleep habits, the relationship between sleep and other health aspects, and interviews with sleep experts.


Latest research findings on sleep.


Below are some recent discussions and findings on sleep from the podcast:

  1. REM Sleep Insights: discussed the discovery of REM sleep and its erratic eye movements, the brain activity involved, the absence of certain molecules during this phase, and the state of paralysis that occurs 1.
  2. Better Sleep Metabolism: The podcast covered a new study that showed sleep states significantly affect over 50% of metabolite features in human breath, indicating major changes in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism during different sleep stages 2.
  3. The Importance of REM Sleep: brought up REM sleep's impact on emotional, hormonal, and cognitive health, as well as its strong linear relationship with longevity 3.

    REM Sleep Insights

    Andrew discusses the fascinating discovery of REM sleep and the erratic eye movements that occur during it. He explains the brain activity involved in generating these movements and the absence of certain molecules during REM sleep. He also notes the paralysis that occurs during this stage of sleep.

    Huberman Lab

    Understanding and Using Dreams to Learn and to Forget | Huberman Lab Podcast #5
  4. Sleep Tools: Dr. Huberman shared tools to improve sleep based on peer-reviewed studies. He emphasized the interconnection between sleep and wakefulness and how our activities during the day affect our sleep 4.
  5. Sleep Regularity Impact: discussed the significant impact of regular sleep patterns on mortality rates, with less regular sleep leading to a 49% higher risk of mortality 5.
  6. Sleep and Wakefulness: Dr. Huberman reflected on the importance of light exposure and how it's as essential to our circadian rhythm as nutrition is to our health 6.
  7. Genetic Impact of Sleep: talked about how just one week of limited sleep can disrupt over 700 genes, with implications for immune function, tumor promotion, chronic inflammation, and cardiovascular health 7.
  8. Sleep and Effort: Dr. Huberman discussed the relationship between sleep and effort, explaining how happiness and the chemical milieu in our brain can reset our ability to exert effort 8.

The clips provide insights into the relationship between REM sleep and longevity, how sleep affects metabolism, the genetic consequences of sleep deprivation, and the importance of sleep regularity and consistency.