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addressed the concept of tongue scraping in an episode of the and indicated that it can be a good idea. All the licensed dental health professionals he spoke with agreed that scraping the tongue could be beneficial in removing unhealthy bacteria that accumulate on the tongue throughout the day and night. However, some of them noted that lightly brushing the tongue might in fact be better than scraping, as it is easier to avoid damaging the fragile soft tissue of the tongue. If brushing is chosen, it is recommended to use a separate toothbrush for the tongue to prevent the transfer of bacteria between the teeth and tongue 1.

These insights emphasize proper hygiene practices for maintaining oral health, including tongue care, and avoiding over-aggressive scraping that could harm the tongue tissue.

Tongue Hygiene

Andrew delves into the importance of tongue hygiene, discussing the benefits of scraping or brushing the tongue to remove harmful bacteria. He explores the nuances of tongue care, including using a separate toothbrush and considerations for toothbrush maintenance to minimize bacterial growth.

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