what are the top 5 things in oder to do for adhd to avoid meds


Based on the knowledge shared by , here are five approaches to manage ADHD without medication:

  1. Dietary Control: Eliminating simple sugars from the diet can have a dramatic and positive effect on children with ADHD. Avoiding high sugar and simple sugar foods and identifying particular foods that exacerbate ADHD symptoms could help manage the condition 1.

  2. Behavioral Protocols: Combining behavioral protocols with medication is superior to using either method alone. However, for those looking to avoid medication, behavioral treatments themselves (under the guidance of a professional) can be components of managing ADHD 2.

  3. Nutritional Guidelines: Staying informed on new advancements in nutrition and supplementation that can support ADHD management is also suggested. A well-qualified psychiatrist or healthcare provider may offer guidance on specific dietary changes or supplements to support focus and impulsivity control 3.

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    Andrew speaks with a pediatric neurologist about the effects of diet on ADHD symptoms. While elimination diets are controversial, eliminating simple sugars has a dramatic and positive effect on children with ADHD. Some children are able to reduce or eliminate medication altogether with dietary changes.

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  4. Effort and Reward: Establishing a balance between effort and pleasure in daily activities can be beneficial. Engaging in activities that require effort before rewarding oneself may help control the trajectory of one's life and manage ADHD symptoms by fostering discipline and focus 4.

  5. Working Memory Exercises: Increasing dopamine levels naturally through working memory exercises could potentially support focus and cognitive function. While some studies have used pharmacological methods to increase dopamine, any activity that safely increases dopamine could theoretically be beneficial 5.

For managing ADHD without medication, it is essential to consult with professionals like psychiatrists who understand ADHD and are up-to-date on scientific literature, and to tailor an approach that combines multiple methodologies.