Reducing glucose spikes


To reduce glucose spikes, suggests several strategies:

  1. Cinnamon: Sprinkling cinnamon on foods can adjust the rate of glucose entering the bloodstream by slowing gastric emptying and reducing the glycemic index of foods. However, be cautious not to consume more than about a teaspoon and a half per day due to the coumarin content, which can be toxic at high levels 1.

  2. Order of Food Consumption: Eating fibrous foods first, followed by protein and then carbohydrates, can help control the rise in blood glucose levels. This approach helps achieve a more steady increase in glucose and earlier satiety 2.

  3. Lemon and Lime Juice: Ingesting lemon or lime juice (a couple of tablespoons) before, during, or after meals can blunt the blood glucose response. This is effective even when consuming large carbohydrate meals. However, if your glucose levels are already low, this can lead to hypoglycemia 3.

    Cinnamon and Blood Glucose

    Andrew explains how cinnamon can help regulate blood glucose levels by slowing gastric emptying and reducing the glycemic index of certain foods. However, he also cautions against consuming too much cinnamon due to the presence of coumarin, which can be toxic at high levels.

    Huberman Lab

    Controlling Sugar Cravings & Metabolism with Science-Based Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #64

These methods can help you manage glucose spikes better, especially after meals rich in sugars or carbohydrates.