List nutritional protocols for building a healthy gut microbiome


To support a healthy gut microbiome, the provides several nutritional protocols and recommendations. Here's a concise list of these protocols:

Low Sugar Fermented Foods

  • Consuming 2-4 servings per day of foods like low sugar sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kombucha, pickles (refrigerated with brine), and Greek yogurt (low sugar) to support microbiome diversity 1 2.

Premade_Prebio-Probiotic Supplements

  • Use refrigerated types of prebiotic and probiotic capsules if choosing supplements as they tend to be more effective. It's important to take them at a low enough level to avoid issues like brain fog 3.

    Enhancing Gut Microbiome

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Diet Diversity

  • Incorporate a variety of nutrient-dense foods, including fibers, to support gut health. The impact of fiber on the gut microbiome can vary, so consumption should be based on individual gut responses 2 3.

Hydration and Swishing Protocol

  • Upon waking, swish a sip of water around in your mouth before swallowing to help transfer beneficial oral bacteria cultivated overnight into your digestive tract 4.

Avoidance of Negative Impact Foods

  • Limit intake of foods with high sugar content as they can disrupt the gut microbiome and create other health issues 1.

Consistent Healthy Practices

  • Maintain good sleep, hydration, social interactions, and manage stress levels as these also impact the gut microbiome 5.

Additionally, suggests consulting a physician before adding or removing anything from your nutritional or supplementation plan. Remember that individuals may respond differently to these protocols, so personalization based on response is key 6.