What are the benefits of cold exposure?


The benefits of cold exposure, as highlighted by on the , include:

  1. Increases in metabolism and brown fat stores, which are beneficial for thermogenesis and staying warm in cold environments 1.
  2. A substantial and long-lasting increase in the levels of dopamine by up to 2.5 times, which enhances mood and focus 2.
  3. Improved mental resilience and toughness, which is why it is often used in military training 3.

    Benefits of Cold Exposure

    Andrew discusses the numerous benefits of cold exposure, including increases in metabolism, brown fat stores, and dopamine levels. He also explains how dopamine affects our perception of time and offers tips for managing discomfort during cold exposure.

    Huberman Lab

    Time Perception & Entrainment by Dopamine, Serotonin & Hormones | Huberman Lab Podcast #46
  4. Activation of the neuromodulator dopamine, which can make people feel energized and focused after cold exposure 3.
  5. Conversion of white fat cells to thermogenic beige or brown fat cells, and reduction of inflammation post-exercise and generally 4.
  6. Stress inoculation by suppressing the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, thereby increasing one's stress threshold for real-life stress 5.
  7. Regulation of cortisol and hormone production, which can have positive effects on fertility 6.
  8. Eustress creation, which stresses the body in a healthy way without significant increases in the stress hormone cortisol 7.

These effects contribute to various mental and physical health benefits, such as improved mood, focus, resilience, and potentially aid in managing weight and inflammation. It's important to note that cold exposure should be done safely and progressively to avoid any adverse effects.