What exercices for eyes?


Here are some eye exercises suggested by the :

  1. Accommodation Exercise:

    • Focus on a small object like a pencil brought close to your face until it starts to blur or you need to cross your eyes, then move it back out to a comfortable focus. Repeat this to exercise your eye's focusing ability and eye muscles [1 ].
  2. Pencil Push-Ups (Near-Far Exercise):

    • Hold a pen at arm's length, focus on it, then slowly move it toward your nose. Continue focusing until the pen blurs or you can't keep your eyes crossed, then move it back out. Perform 10-25 repetitions, one or two times a day, a few times a week for eye muscle training, and to help with issues like convergence insufficiency [2 ].
  3. Smooth Pursuit Exercise:

    • Track a moving object smoothly with your eyes. This could be a ball moving in various patterns like an infinity symbol or a sawtooth pattern. Spend about 5-10 minutes, three times a week on this exercise to maintain your smooth pursuit abilities and keep eye muscles conditioned [3 ].

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  4. Panoramic Gaze:

    • For every 45 minutes of focused work, spend at least 5 minutes engaging in panoramic vision by relaxing your eyes, ideally by looking at a horizon or taking a walk outdoors. This helps alleviate eye strain and fatigue [4 ].

These exercises can help maintain and improve eye health and function. They are beneficial for everyone, especially those who experience eye fatigue from prolonged screen time or have specific visual system issues.