How to improve vision?


To improve vision, recommends several practices:

  1. Practice with a Snellen chart: Regular practice with a Snellen chart can be beneficial in training your visual system. Keep in mind that performance can vary depending on time of day due to fatigue and eye muscle control. It's also crucial to get eyes tested by a professional for accurate assessments 1.

  2. Nutrients supporting vision: Consuming naturally occurring foods high in vitamin A, such as dark leafy vegetables and carrots, supports vision health. Supplementation with lutein has also been suggested based on data showing its benefits for eye health 2.

  3. Viewing distances: Spend at least 10 minutes a day viewing things at a distance, beyond half a mile if possible, to keep the lens elastic and the eye muscles strong. This also has a relaxing effect as it sends signals to the brainstem that reduce alertness and stress, enhancing vision and overall well-being 3.

    Improving Vision

    Andrew discusses the importance of preserving eyesight and ways to improve vision, including using a Snellen chart at home to practice reading letters and getting your vision tested by a professional. He emphasizes the impact good vision has on quality of life and encourages incorporating visual training into daily routines.

    Huberman Lab

    The Science of Vision, Eye Health & Seeing Better | Huberman Lab Podcast #24
  4. Smooth pursuit stimulus: Engage in exercises that involve tracking objects moving smoothly in various patterns. These exercises can condition and strengthen the extraocular muscles, which are vital for eye motion and visual tracking. You can perform smooth pursuit exercises for about five to ten minutes, three times a week 4.

  5. Near-far exercises: Two minutes of practice looking at something up close and then focusing on it at arm's length helps activate accommodation mechanisms. This exercise is akin to visual training done post-concussion for recovery purposes 5.

The insights from the highlight the importance of both training the eyes with specific exercises and supporting overall eye health with proper nutrition and supplementation. These practices can improve not only the physical aspects of vision but also the brain's ability to interpret visual information.