Is dousing with cold water several times after hot shower considered as cold exposure?


Dousing with cold water several times after a hot shower can indeed be considered a form of cold exposure. emphasizes the practice of deliberate cold exposure, which can include methods such as cold showers. Although he does not specifically mention the act of transitioning from hot to cold, the use of cold showers is considered a type of cold exposure that can evoke physiological responses beneficial to health and performance. He notes that even brief exposure to cold water can be effective and that the temperature and discomfort of the water is what qualifies the exposure as "cold" rather than the presence of ice or the duration of the exposure 1 2.

For more detailed protocols on how to use cold exposure effectively, you could refer to specific episodes of the podcast where explores the benefits and methods of deliberate cold exposure in depth 3.

Cold Exposure and Exercise

Andrew discusses the effects of cold exposure on strength and hypertrophy training. He suggests doing cold exposure training away from strength and hypertrophy training but mentions that doing it right afterward probably won't prevent improvement. He also advises against getting into an ice bath immediately after a Hip Perry session as it may be detrimental.

Huberman Lab

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