How to fight off a cold


To effectively combat a cold, you should:

  1. Avoid deliberate cold exposure when feeling unwell or run down, as it may stress the immune system. Instead, opt for resting and keeping warm 1.
  2. Nasal breathing is recommended over mouth breathing to reduce the risk of infection 2.
  3. Focus on rest when experiencing whole-body malaise or a tickle in your throat, suggesting your immune system is already fighting off an infection. Quality sleep is crucial 3.

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  4. Engage in appropriate exercise to activate your immune system when feeling healthy 3.
  5. Support your gut microbiome through proper diet 4.
  6. When feeling slightly run down, take a hot shower and prioritize sleep instead of rigorous exercise 4.
  7. During cold weather, take measures to prevent your nasal passages from drying out, especially when coming indoors from the cold, which can increase susceptibility to illness 5.
  8. Pay attention to sleep quality and stress levels, as they can affect immune function 6.
  9. Learn from patterns of behavior and life events that precede illness to avoid future cold or flu episodes 7.

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