prolonged fasting benefits


Prolonged fasting has been associated with several health benefits based on discussions from the . Here's a summary supported by specific clips:

  • Complete fasting: Every other day eating in mice and humans has shown many health benefits, with clinical fasting practices in places like Germany being utilized for health improvements under supervision. Periodic fasting can potentially impact mental health, such as treatment-resistant depression 1.

  • Cell growth vs. repair: Fasting induces cellular repair and clearance processes connected with AMPK, the sirtuins, transcription factors like FOX-O, ATF4, and ketones. When we eat, we promote cellular growth with pathways involving mTOR and PS6. During fasting, we promote cellular repair 2.

  • Short-term caloric restriction: There's ongoing research into whether short-term fasting can improve cellular health and longevity, but currently, there's no solid evidence it can extend lifespan 3.

    Fasting Benefits

    Satchin Panda discusses the benefits of complete fasting, including potential health benefits such as weight loss and improved mental health. Studies have shown that periodic fasting can have a positive impact on brain health, and there are even fasting clinics in Germany where people fast for multiple days under strict supervision.

    Huberman Lab

    Dr. Satchin Panda: Intermittent Fasting to Improve Health, Cognition & Longevity | Huberman Lab
  • Consistent eating habits: While not directly about prolonged fasting, the importance of consistent eating habits was emphasized for overall health and productivity, with recommendations to avoid processed and sugary foods 4.

  • Deprivation and dopamine: Fasting might be liked not just for its direct health benefits but also for the mental state it induces. People enjoy the clarity of mind during fasting and may create a dopamine release from the deprivation instead of from food 5.

  • Sleep-related fasting: Fasting before bedtime allows for sleep-related fasting, enhancing cognition and optimizing processes for clearing out metabolic debris during sleep 6.

  • Cleanses and fasting: While there's limited high-quality science on the health benefits or detriments of cleanses and fasting, they might play a positive role for people with metabolic syndrome and could potentially benefit due to easier adherence 7.

  • Intermittent fasting benefits: Intermittent fasting has proven remarkable, with limited caloric intake within a consistent daily window leading to less liver disease, improved metabolic markers, and less body fat in some studies. The timing of eating, correlated with daylight, also appeared significant 8.

While there are promising findings associated with prolonged fasting, it is still an area of active research, and adherence to and the mental effects of fasting seem to play a significant role in the experience and benefits of fasting practices.